My favorite nights = When I am getting on a plane the next morning.

Off to New York in the morning. My brother is getting married! Time for family, lots of seafood (lobster and clams-on-the-half-shell, one of my top 10 favorite foods) and NY pizza. Yum!

And time to cut back on words like “energy”, “the universe”, “gluten-free”, “organic”, “free-range”, “kombucha”, “wheatgrass”, “chakras”, and “almond milk.” My family makes weird faces when I say those words. haha.

Sending lots of love to Garth and Jess and wishes for a beautiful wedding day … and beautiful life!

P.S. Does anyone know where we can get Wheatgrass on Eastern Long Island? (I’m half-kidding).

A Postcard from Brooklyn. Newlyweds Travel the Globe for 6 Months … meet Bill & Claire.

Am I the only traveler on earth that wants to go back to work?

By Clarie & Bill via A Postcard from Brooklyn

There’s no place like work, there’s no place like work, there’s no place like work …

I’m not going to get into anything real deep here about who I am, finding myself, and a bunch of other existential crap, but I have learned a bit about myself on this trip, the big whopper being that I actually want to go back to work. I’m like, looking forward to it. Crazy right?! Keep Reading

I heart NY!

This has been such a great trip home …  let me tell you why.

For one, I got to experience the beginning of spring for the first time in a LONG time!  When I arrived, there were no leaves on the trees and now the trees are green, flowers are out and it’s been sunny & beautiful everyday!   I got to eat a ton of yummy pizza (however, I could have gone without the 1/2 pizza I put down in NYC… it was too good!)

future exercise.

I also got to stay up all night with my Uncle and friends watching the Royal Wedding drinking champagne (so fun!), reconnect with old roommates, which was awesome (Keersa!), spend time with so many friends and their little ones (that are all sooo- happy and doing great! I love that!), spent quality time with my Mom (and got to be here for her on Mother’s Day!).  I was able to see extended family (and learn that my cousin Jordyn wants to take after me and get married in her 30’s. lol.)  Poppy! the Bitzer’s and cousins Courtney and Ali … realizing we are more alike than ever … slightly scary, in the best way (and what was supposed to be dinner turned into a weekend!).  Family dinners at the dining room table almost every night (My mom is the best cook! … Garth’s not bad either!)  and best of all, my brother and the love of his life Jessica got back together during my time here (such a good story!) and surprised my mom with the news by bringing Jess to brunch on Mother’s Day!  My Mom, entire family (& neighborhood), and me of course, couldn’t be happier! (Did my blog just break CM News to the masses?)

and bonus, my brother and I were able to make up for all of the brother/sister fighting that we missed out on over the years in just 3 short weeks… and I loved every second of it!  Love you all and I will be back soon!


I always have a bit of anxiety when I come back to my home town of Center Moriches … the reason being, is that the whole entire time I lived here, everything I did was to get me to California someday and start fulfilling my dreams of traveling the world! I would watch 90210 and plot my escape! … I wanted out of Long Island. I think those old feelings about getting out of here for so many years left me with an ingrained restlessness every time I came back. I decided this trip home, I would face this feeling and be done with it … and I would stay here until it was gone.

I started by trying to self talk myself out of the feeling and telling myself I was comfortable, “just stop feeling like this” … I did yoga, I ran … I also left here twice (once to NYC for 5 days and Florida for another 4) … nothing was working, I still felt restless. So, then I tried something new … I decided to go out each day and take pictures of anything that I thought was beautiful … I was only going to look for the beauty … and something magical happened … that’s all I saw … and magic, the feeling went away for the first time in 18 years.

Royal Sleepover Party (NYC)

NYC Royal Wedding Party

Last night my uncle invited me to join him and his friends to have a “sleepover” party, drink Mimosas and have a traditional English breakfast as we all watched the Royal Wedding … um, of course I will come!

I have to admit, I haven’t really been closely following Kate and William’s relationship over the years, but I feel very fortunate to have been given a glimpse of a true story of two people who really love each other, and in he midst of all of the craziness that comes with being in the Royal Family and an affair such as this, still managed to be present as themselves… and have fun on this day with the world watching. What good role models they are … in a world where people are paying someone named Snookie to make appearances, thank God we have people like Kate (or Catherine) and William for young people (actually everyone) to look up to!

Although I am completely exhausted today, and have a lot of information in my head about the Royal family that I don’t necessarily know I need, it was really an amazing thing to witness this wedding … and it’s so cool that so many people around the world decided to come together to celebrate something so beautiful and happy! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Good night! (yes, it’s 1pm).

(Side note: Is it just me or are Pippa and Harry so hooking up tonight after a couple cocktails!?)

Party accessory!