25 Conscious DJ’s + Producers You Should be Listening To (Plus 9 more I think are pretty great)

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“There are new genres and styles of spiritual, digitally enhanced music bubbling up over the World.  Sacred music, however, is as old as humanity. It’s one of our greatest ancient mysteries that there are sacred sound frequencies which mirror nature, create our reality, as well as produce the effects of love, health and rejuvenation. Click here >> for the first 25 artists (now on www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com) that have been influenced spiritually and carry a conscious message; through their music, album art and stage performances. They create a sacred space for the exploration of the our bodies, emotion and artistic expression.”

Here are 9 more I think are pretty great.

DJ Drez delves into blending yesterday’s roots with the innovative urban beats of today. His gradual evolution from Hip Hop DJ to World Music Taste Maker has blossomed a litany of accomplishments that have garnered Drez the title as one of the highest ranking DJs and producers in LA’s underground music scene. When he isn’t in the studio producing, spinning at some underground Hip Hop club, or having impromptu late night jam sessions with local artists, you might find him on his mat. Drez is a certified yoga instructor who teaches privately in Los Angeles and spends time helping fellow musicians with their yoga practice at home and when away on tour. In addition, you will see him djing yoga retreats and world music festivals from Europe to Asia or catch the latest on his accomplishments in the pages of magazines ranging from The Source to Yoga Journal. None of this is unusual for a true renaissance man like DJ Drez. Current mixes

Jano Galindo The rhythms and melodies enhance the inner qualities that are the transformative aspect to a yoga practice. Music is my first love and passion so it is critical that the music selection is inspiring and uplifting, not only to the student but to the teacher as well. Music is sound healing. Current mixes now on Yogi Tunes

Golden Love enjoys her time on planet earth most fully when she is doing any of the following: mothering her 2 amazing youths, eating raw vegan meals, chanting for the Divine, speaking medicinal words of love, dancing, practicing yoga asana, surfing, increasing vibrational frequencies viadj’ing/drumming/singing, chilling with her tribe of fiercely powerful wombyn, & cultivating inner freedom, amongst so much more. golden believes in miracles & that LOVE is the answer to all of our questions. Current mixes

ALIA weaves an intoxicating, luscious blend of sacred, sexy sounds that bridge ancient frequencies with cutting-edge bass to create a pulsating, hypnotic journey that leaves you breathless. As a Producer and Vocalist, she draws on her extensive musical training to tap into exquisite healing frequencies that open a potent portal to the heights of our human experience. As a DJ she curates the best of the emerging genre of activated bass music that moves both hearts and bodies. ALIA has an intuitive gift of tapping into the energetic vibration of a space and taking a crowd into deep ecstasy. Current mixes

DJ HyFi is a nomadic DJ who has been traversing the conscious scene, spinning for yoga events, festivals and dance parties around the US and internationally. Finding inspiration from life on the road and the interesting collection of characters along the way, he mixes a wide range of electronic music in his dynamic sets, spanning many different styles and tempos, from super chill ambient to off the wall drum and bass, deep house and everything in between. Current mixes

EarthRise SoundSystem is the artistic and live team of DJ/writer/yogi Derek Beres and producer/percussionist Duke Mushroom. The duo’s first record, The Yoga Sessions, went to #5 on the iTunes World chart and was featured in the NY Times, Yoga Journal and the Boston Globe. Their follow-up, Remixes Are Songs Too, compiled a number of their remixes, including takes on Femi Kuti, Vieux Farka Toure, Nickodemus and others, and featured ‘Labyrinths,’ the theme song from the documentary ‘DMT: The Spirit Molecule.’ The duo paired up to explore common cultural and sonic ground and create unique soundscapes, equally at home in the yoga studio or club and lounge. Their new album, Rock Beats Paper, was released in August, 2013. This upbeat effort features vocals by C.C. White, Lucy Woodward, Kevin Mambo, MC Yogi, Vishal Vaid, Srikala, Davi Vieira, Sheela Bringi, Marti Nikko and more. Current music

Mental Physix are a DJ duo made up of Crisanto Santa Ana and Dru Ali. Their mission? To explore the fusion of music and yoga to “create a divine union of healing, through self-realization and sound.” Both Santa Ana and Ali perform at yoga studios while Vinyasa classes are going on, and the experience — with both the yogis and the DJs feeding off each other’s energies — is intensely spiritual. Last month, Mental Physix took their Technic1200s on the road and toured yoga studios around California, Nevada, Colorado and Utah. Current mixes on Yogi Tunes

DJ Taz Rashid (DJ TAZ) instantly brings a high vibrational energy to any room by mixing the beats and rhythms of Love, Ancient New World, House, Tribal, Nu Jazz/Disco, Funk, Classic Remixes and all the cosmic sounds. Current mixes on Yogi Tunes

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: Electronic Nectar, The Sweetest Thing. A Playlist by DJ HyFi via YOGANONYMIX

This week’s YOGANONYMIX on Spotify has got a little bit of every of everything when it comes to electronic music; it spans a lifetime of feelings and works it’s way into your person—before you know it there’s goosebumps on your arms, a smile on your face, and a new set on repeat ad nauseum. Trust us, you dig it.Keep reading on YOGANONYMOUS

382346_303188129815810_1237413442_nDJ Hyfi is a nomadic DJ who has been transversing the conscious scene, spinning for yoga events, festivals and dances parties around the US and internationally. Finding inspiration from life on the road and the interesting collection of characters along the way, he mixes a wide range of electronic music, spanning many different styles and tempos, from super chill ambient to off the wall drum and bass, electro house and everything in between, in his dynamic sets.

Also check out HYGH VIBES from DJ HyFi.

Remember the time I went on tour

Friendly advice: If you ever get an opportunity to work on a yoga + music tour with a beautiful group of conscious musicians/crew (Michael Franti, SOJA, Trevor Hall, Brett Dennen, Sonna Rele) and your loving boyfriend (or significant other) is cool with you living on a tour bus for almost a month, go. Thank you Soulshine family. I am forever grateful.

Support conscious music ya’ll. ♥ 

Group photo courtesy of Ganesh Photography

Jungle Bliss Morning Mix


Soundtrack from this morning’s 7am flow at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa

Music your soul will love: Yogi Tunes

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I just heard this saying the other day… “you’re only as young as the new things you do”. I also believe you can add, “…the new things you listen to.”

The new part of yourself that is touched when you hear a new song can be a powerful reminder that there is so much out there to discover, bringing a sense of youthfulness and love for this life.

Yogi Tunes, headed up by Alex King-Harris (a.k.a. musician extraordinaire: you can read my interview with him on elephant journal), motivated by a mission to provide their community with access to the healing powers of music, continues to be the go-to resource for music to feed this very place in your soul I am talking about.

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 2.26.39 PMMy favorite part about Yogi Tunes is that if you sign up for a membership, you receive new weekly music mixes, curated by some of the world’s top DJ’s… perfect for music lovers, yoga teachers/practitioners and those of us that like to treat ourselves to that little burst of life that comes when we hear and connect to new music.

I invite you to check out their new improved website (just launched this weekend) that offers:

  • New membership app with personal mix area where all your mixes are stored for easy access
  • Faster downloads & navigation
  • Tons of great new releases

Here are a few of my favorite mixes & albums: 

Happy connecting friends.

About Yogi Tunes: Where the sonic mastery of DJ culture meets the illuminated sensibilities of the yoga lifestyle. Yogi Tunes is an online music site dedicated to delivering a hand-picked catalog of music for relaxation, mediation, yoga, spas and other wellness environments and activities. We offer lots of free yoga music downloads, as well as monthly subscription music plans that deliver DJ-Mixed yoga playlists right to your inbox for a very low recurring fee. Unlike other music websites, ours is built by professional musicians who themselves are pioneers in creating and selecting music for wellness. Our goal is to be an effective curation and content filtering music service for people who need access to the right music at the right time for their positive lifestyle practices. Yogi Tunes is the National Music Partner of Yoga Rocks the Parkwww.yogi-tunes.com / Facebook

This and my headphones = heaven.


What I was listening to (and have been since last Wednesday)…

a1466701856_2Download ‘Lovin’ Yourself’ now for free thru 9/3 as part of White Swan Records Free Music Wednesday in partnership with Yoga Rocks the Park. Saturated with harmonies and hip-hop beats, reggae bubbles and jazz horns, this set of intoxicating melodies is full of inspiration and uplift. “Lovin’ Yourself” states Avasa & Matty’s message of love simply and eloquently: “The love in you brings out the love in me. I wanna thank you for who you choose to be.” enjoy.