Are you getting your daily access to unseen realms of power?

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If you are a human, please watch, nod your head like I did if you agree with every word he says… and rather than “following” Russell Brand, go out and find your own power, speak your own words for other people to nod their heads to… let’s support each other to be alive. Let’s stop enabling each other to live anything less than our immense, indescribable power within us. All of us. Not just Russell Brand, the Dalia Lama, Nelson Mandela, Jesus, your favorite yoga teacher that you think walks on water… all of us. For real.

He’s technically not a Guru… yet I love him just the same.

A simple lesson in getting what you want. Say these words: “Here’s who I am. Here’s what I want right now.”

These few words used together can be your solution for everything. (Trust me, this one works wonders.)


I ♥ Paul Crik.

Are you Taking Care of the Most Important Relationship you Have?


Like all of us, I have many important relationships in my life. They all start the same way, with an unexplainable, beautiful connection that is love in its purest form. It’s crazy how you can have something so amazing with little or no effort.

We are taught that the more you add to things, the better they should get, but connection, honestly may be just the opposite. As we add time, circumstances and life, fear and insecurity, those connections can be dramatically diminished, and sometimes completely lost and nowhere to be found. This can be very frustrating, to say the least.

Just as my connection to others is essential in my life, the relationship between me and my intuition may be the most important one. We have a pretty amazing relationship overall and can be a pretty powerful team, literally making things appear like magic (even surprising ourselves sometimes). HOWEVER, if things are not good between us, we can do some pretty impressive damage… and we work fast!

About six months ago, I found myself in a familiar place, heading down that dark alley way and slowing being enveloped by fear (I hate when that happens). That place where you can’t make a decision, where it’s hard to look in the mirror because, well, you’re not there.

On this one particular day, I decided to look at myself anyway, and literally said to myself, “You are not going there again. Go take care of yourself, once and for all!” Seriously, enough is enough.

I mean, I do yoga, meditate and I am a wellness professional myself, but to be honest, was I really doing all I could do to keep my intuition strong, to nurture it? The answer was no. Do any of us really give it the attention it deserves?

So, I started caring for it, taking away all of the things that get piled up on top of it and bringing it back to that pure, connected place I mentioned in the beginning of this story.

Long story short, in the last six months of working with an intuitive wellness counselor, Jenna. Think about that, “intuitive wellness”. I love that!  I have been so inspired by her, I have started my own rapidly growing business living out my passion, I am in a beautiful relationship, and seem to be calling a truce on the battle against me and my old self-sabotaging patterns. Seriously magic.

Now, intuitive wellness is simply part of my overall routine (why wouldn’t it be?), along with eating healthy, running and going to yoga. What working with Jenna has reinforced is that NO MATTER what we allow to cover up our intuition, it is always there. It is our job, and no one else’s to protect it and keep it strong. If you do this, every time you look in the mirror, you will see yourself. And when we really see ourselves, our truths, we realize that anything is possible, because, it is.

To learn more about Intuitive Wellness, I strongly encourage you to contact Jenna at Tune in Solana Beach, California. She is wonderful and will support you to find something you thought you may have lost. Don’t worry, it’s not lost, you just have to give it a little love. ♥

A reminder to myself (and who ever wants it)

We all need a little reminder sometimes to trust, be loving and truthful with yourself, and to simply let go. What’s cool, is it will always lead you back to someplace you know.

“Send out love and harmony, put your mind and body in a peaceful place, and then allow the universe to work in the perfect way that it knows how.” – Wayne Dyer