For years I could never find a way to marry all of the different, drastically different parts of myself.  Like many of us, I had my businesswoman, Ann Taylor Loft-wearing, Lexus-driving, somewhat materialistic side. Then I had my conscious, yoga, hippie, gypsy side, who was afraid that making money would derail my path to enlightenment. These two sides of myself spoke different languages, wore different ‘uniforms,’ played different parts, and were completely unaligned.

This blog started with the story of my solo journey from a mellow surf town of Encinitas, California to New Delhi, India where I spent working for a year and a half, as I slowly said goodbye to (and mourned) a more naive version of me that was never to return… To the time I gave up all of my material possessions and the corporate world to live in a tiny room in a garage… To co-creating three successful wellness businesses in coffeehouses across California… To the ongoing adventure of integrating all of the new discoveries about myself and the world and finding the best ways I can serve, myself and everyone around me as a former New Delhi resident, New York born Californian, part world traveler, part homebody, part hippie, part high-maintenance, part businesswoman, part gypsy, and conscious capitalist.

I sincerely thank you for visiting and letting me share my stories with you. May you be encouraged to discover and embrace all of the many evolving parts of who you are and free to let them take you where you are meant to go in life and in business.

With love,

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Traci Wallace is the founder of The Coffeehouse Collective, an event marketing and management agency specializing in wellness, yoga, music and conscious corporate events as well as cause marketing. She is an intuitive marketing strategist, world traveler, surfer, music enthusiast, yoga teacher, published writer and elephant journal columnist, with a passion for supporting organizations to create conscious businesses and experiences while supporting them to share their stories and mission with the world in meaningful ways. Traci supports socially conscious entrepreneurs and businesses to work smart to ensure they have plenty of time to play and change the world — and to support the notion that the best work is usually done outside of the confines of the traditional work environment.

Traci has worked with some of the top companies in the U.S, India and Latin America in the areas of conscious marketing, strategic planning, corporate communications, purpose development, public relations, and international/domestic business development including the successful launch of Callaway Golf into India in 2010.

She has had the pleasure of working with such organizations as The Life Force Project, Soulshine Music and Yoga Tour, Positive Legacy, Ca’ Momi Winery, We Are Yogi, Live Weal, The Sean O’Shea Foundation, American Express, PGA of America, Callaway Golf, Conscious Capitalism, Cultivate PCG, Forward Metrics, Mosaic Sports Management, Little Kids Rock, The Costa Rica Yoga Spa, Audi, BMW, Yoga Aid World Challenge, Yogi Tunes, Yoga Reaches Out, Kingfisher and GE Capital amongst many others.

Traci is based in Encinitas, California and sometimes works remotely from the mountains of Mammoth, California and the jungles of Nosara, Costa Rica.

Connect at or visit

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