My Current Story

It’s been a while since I have written and I can feel it.

Honestly, writing is the thing that allows me to seriously check in with myself and see how true my current story is and how it feels to say it out loud. I usually can tell as soon as I publish it (On the right path = feels connected/happy. On the wrong path = stomach ache and usually means a quick delete).

You know what I mean, we all have a story that we tell … it changes over time, but we ALWAYS have one. Sometimes a good one, and other times, a little off.

For example …

From 2005-2008, I was the girl who worked at a golf company who loved business, whose story was always about something to do with work (loved business = true, loved golf = false).  In 2009, I became the girl who was moving to India. From 2009-2011, I was a blogger that just happened to be living/working in India that was in a perpetual state of culture shock for over a year.  In June 2011, I became the girl who just moved back from India who was then followed by the semi-blissed out, slash slightly delusional girl (bi-product of reverse culture shock) who traveled, blogged (a lot), did yoga and meditated all the time and was just a bit too happy for her own good … to the girl who was over corporate america, corporate India (corporate anything) and didn’t care about material possessions that lived in a garage … to the girl who realized she was in her 30’s and that it was probably time to move out of a garage and was reminded by a good friend that she was not the Dalai Lama and it was o.k. to have nice things. “Good point, thanks.”  … to now, October 2012.

So, what is my current story? Good question.

It’s funny because when I talk to my friends they often say, “it’s so cool what you are doing with your life, it’s really inspiring.” … “Hmmm.” I think to myself. I have started to ask people, “what do you think I do exactly?” because I’m curious, since, to be perfectly honest, I haven’t really perfected my current story and maybe I can get some good content. They answer, “ummm, well, actually, I am not really sure what you do, but it seems positive.”

That’s a good start I guess.

I recently started a company my friend, Jenn Perell called Live Weal, and I think rather than perfecting my story, I have been concentrating more on the new company’s story. But honestly, that’s part of my story too.

During the 10+ years of working in the corporate world, I have witnessed the best and worst in people, and have always wondered why it had to be that way. “It’s business”,  they would say. I never understood that. Colleagues would often say, “I’m only like this at work. I am actually a really cool, funny, nice person outside of work.” Really? Well, then just be a nice person right now. I dare you. I actually once had someone say they were working on being more of an asshole as part of their leadership development strategy. Good luck with that.

After returning from India I have been doing a lot of business development consulting, which is a great passion of mine. As a former communications manager, I know how to speak “corporate”, but over the past year, I started using words like holistic, empowerment, and spiritual marketing (via Marketing 3.0) in the development strategies I was creating (inspired by many of the progressive thinkers I have grown to love over the past few years)… a clear no, no in business. I wasn’t surprised when responses to those words would often sound something like this … “Stop saying the word “holistic” if I want to work in corporate America; it scares people.”  

So, there I was, half business person, and half yogi, having lived at either end of this spectrum (a materialistic business woman who drove a Lexus who shopped at Pottery Barn and was often seen wearing clothes from Ann Taylor Loft or Banana Republic), to a yogi/hippie/gypsy (who maybe could have showered a bit more) who was afraid to make money because it may derail my path to enlightenment, constantly wondering why these worlds were so disconnected and so afraid of each other.

In my quest to find harmony and balance for myself, my passion for a vision (along with my business partner) that collectively became Live Weal grew. (By the way, for my confused friends as to why I spelled “wheel” wrong; “Weal” is an old English word meaning health, happiness, prosperity and well-being … you could say, a holistic approach (wink) to life/business/everything).

In a mission to connect these two worlds (business and “conscious culture”), both super valuable in our world, both of which I have personal connection to, our company Live Weal was born. So, officially, here’s what “I do.” … amongst a few other things of course.

I, (along with my colleagues) are consultants who support business leaders to increase their triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit (yes, it’s possible to make money and be a kind person … you can even do some good for the world in the process), while creating more productive (and happy) work environments by incorporating such things as corporate purpose, effective communication tools, accountability, meaningful volunteer programs and purposeful service. Does that sound scary to anyone?

For socially conscious entrepreneurs (artists+, musicians, yoga teachers, yogis, coaches, and other personal growth professionals) we remind them that it’s o.k. to be prosperous (and to not feel guilty for not living in a garage), support them to think strategically, build their brands, to be both business-minded and conscious-minded … and that it is possible to do both. We also manage and produce events that further connect these worlds and create connections that benefit everyone, and hopefully the world in some way.

So, as my current story goes, I continue to find harmony as a self-proclaimed 70% businesswoman (although, I refuse to shop at Ann Taylor Loft anymore) and 30% gypsy (who showers regularly), I now have a forum to better understand and shorten the gap between these two worlds not only personally, but also for others, regardless of what side of the spectrum you are on. Hopefully someday you won’t notice.

To learn more about Live Weal visit us at… and as always, thank you for allowing me to share my stories with you.

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