Be free. It starts with a truthful answer to one question.

I have been talking to my friend almost daily for the past few weeks. She has been stuck (a.k.a. the opposite of free), in that place, with that feeling.

You know that feeling? The one where you have feel like you are completely stuck and have no connection with yourself or others. Everything just seems to be getting worse and worse. You look in the mirror and want to scream at yourself …  “where the hell did you go?” It’s the worst! … and as alone as we feel at that moment, what we tend to forget is, it happens to all of us from time to time.

In one of our conversations, I asked her, o.k. seriously girl, what do you want? I mean really? She couldn’t answer that question. Then I asked her in the nicest way possible, “Well, honestly, why are you so surprised you’re in this place?”  

I suggested that she be truthful about where she is now. Then contemplate what she wants next. Journal about it, and when she finds the answer, just ask for it. Literally, sit down and say “universe, God, whatever”, this is what I want. And to be very specific (a mistake I have often made – whoops). Ask as often as you can. Hell, tell everyone what you want. Strangers, whoever. It’s really this simple.

I told her that once she did this, everything would fall into place … I promised her that. I am not a guru or genius, but I have seen it happen over and over. I trust in that, so yes, I can promise that it will work. I also told her that whatever was happening to her right now was happening for a reason (cliché’? yes, but true). There were lessons to be learned, lessons that were the vehicles for bigger change. So, be there, make the investment in being truthful with yourself, and for God’s sake, figure out what you want.

Although she listened, I don’t know if she really believed me. Until last night … I got a phone call.

I could literally feel the energy over the phone, “Oh my God, it’s crazy!!! Everything is falling into place!!!” She asked for what she wanted, and she got it (and so much more) only a week later. A new job with purpose (after 7-months of unemployment) and seriously like five other major things. She was back in it.

What’s interesting, is that above and beyond the fact that she was getting what she wanted, the greater excitement came from what also happened in her week of speaking the truth of what she wanted. She was attracting all of these other people who were in the exact same place at her. All of a sudden she realized she wasn’t alone. Doors were opening everywhere. And it seemed like everywhere she looked, people kept asking her what she wanted. She was not escaping this question. (Hmmmm. Funny how things works).

I told her what was likely to happen next … good things were going to keep happening, so be ready for it. And don’t forget to breathe (See: breathing is underrated for more on that). That’s the way life is supposed to work. It’s supposed to be good, abundant, and full of the things we really want. You are supposed to feel happy and free.

There is one catch. You have to be truthful with yourself about what you want … and when you are, you will see yourself in the mirror again (and chances are you’ll get it).

P.S. Interestingly enough, even though I was speaking to her regarding her situation, today as I was writing this, I realized the whole time I was actually speaking (um, maybe slightly yelling) to myself as well. Again, funny how things work. So, if you are reading this, my little manifestor of good things, I thank you, with much love.


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4 thoughts on “Be free. It starts with a truthful answer to one question.

  1. Traci, great article! To be honest, I’ve been feeling like your friend and this is just what I needed… So thank you for the inspiration. xo Nadine

  2. Traci, as a recent transplant to San Diego, a fellow yogini and writer, I feel a kinship with you. I was perusing your blog when I stumbled upon this. As I lay in bed with broken vertebrae from a surfing accident, I literally am stuck-cannot move- and this article lit up my day. I will start now, in this moment, tellin the universe what I want.
    God, Universe, Great Spirit- I want to write, every day, and I would like it to become an action that sustains me financially at some point. Right now, I want to connect with other writers and readers, I want to reach people with my written words, and I want to create a career out of sharing my writing, photography, yoga, and art! Please, and a very deep thank you.
    Ok, my friend, let’s see what happens! Really, I love your blog and I’m thankful to have stumbled upon it. I’m following.
    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Amelia, Welcome to San Diego!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts … I am confident you will make all of those things happen! I would love to share some of your writing … send it over to and I’ll get it up. I can already tell I will like it. ;)

    Happy, fast recovery! Thanks for your kind words and the follow. xo Traci

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