Meaning, Purpose & Money (part two)… Barbie’s Doing it.

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Now… take a minute to check out Yoga Teacher Barbie. Judge away.

I guarantee your initial reaction, if it was anything like mine, was kind of disgusted and super judgemental (sadly, not very yogi-like).

  • “She is wearing too much make-up”
  • “What pose is she doing anyway? …and why is she wearing socks?”
  • “Oh my God, yoga is getting so commercial”
  • “Um, does Mattel think yogi’s have abnormally long necks?”
  • “Why the heck are there so many dogs in the yoga studio???”
  • “What is this world coming too?”

O.k. fair enough.

But then I thought about it for a minute. As I mentioned yesterday, in Meaning, Purpose, and Money … is this Possible? (part one) we all, in some way have this challenge to balance meaning vs. money in our careers and how we can have both.

Yoga Teacher Barbie is just like the rest of us, trying to balance doing something for the greater good and making a living … and really, let her wear make-up to class if it makes her feel good, who cares!

Yes, the historical super skinny Barbie is not cool, but her yoga sister who is promoting yoga teaching as a career is not a terrible thing. In my eyes, the more people who do yoga (for whatever their reasons … and honestly, I don’t really care if you bring your dog to class to if you want) and know that you can have careers in such things as supporting others through yoga (if that’s your thing), well, let’s just say, it can’t hurt. And maybe it’s not your thing, but promoting the fact that it can be an actual thing, yes, again, is a positive thing.

And for all of you die-hard yogi’s out there, I hear you, but remember, your practice is about you, your practice is about non-judgement. Don’t be scared that Yoga Teacher Barbie will ruin 1000’s of years of beautiful history and tradition. I think yoga is all good. Sure, maybe you prefer your Ashtanga class over Barbie’s Hip Hop Yoga Class, but honestly, she’s not hurting anyone (and neither is her dog).

Meaning, purpose and money? … Do your thing girl.

Namaste Barbie. This one’s for you.

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