Meaning, Purpose & Money … Is this possible?

Some Inspiration: Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity.

I have been having a lot of conversations about money lately. You know how that works, once you start thinking about something specific, every person you talk to, article, movie, etc. seems to be strangely focused around that topic. One common theme in these conversations is how to incorporate your passion into something that makes you money without losing the integrity of your gift (or selling out). Also, not being afraid to make money, just because you are doing what you love. …Or thinking that an abundance of money will stop you from a path of enlightenment (if that’s your thing). It is a topic that keeps coming up with friends and clients and to be honest, I think (actually, know) I have to do a little work on this myself.

O.k.”,  I said this morning. One of those “O.k.’s” you say when you are really ready to face something with a new perspective. I realized, I was attracted to this topic, or this topic was attracted to me, whatever, because it’s something that I need to really redefine for myself. My definition of and how I communicate about money. Anyone else with me on this? 

This morning it dawned on me, for most of my life I have said I don’t care about it i.e. “I don’t really care about money” … “yeah, it’s not that important to me” … but somehow it’s come, and allowed me to do the things I want.  Saying that I don’t care about it, or that it’s not important is not only ungrateful, but, when I really think about it, it’s also not a true statement. Wow. I swear it’s those small little things that always give us the biggest epiphanies.

As I continued to think about it this morning, I thought, as someone who brings attention to the truthfulness of the use of words that my clients use, how could it be that I missed this one for myself? I care about everything a great deal, so why was I putting this block up against something that has afforded me a life that I love living? Why was I saying I didn’t care about this? Even being indifferent to it would be better. Seriously, what’s my deal?

I do understand where that block may have come from. Yes, there have been times where I was obsessed with things, having the right car, purse, hair, house, and I had all of those things, but I was unhappy, really unhappy. After I got back from living in India, which gave me a greater appreciation for even the littlest of things, my lack of interest in money grew, mostly because I was overwhelmed by the availability of everything, consumerism, and probably a little to do with the unhappy correlation with money from my past and maybe a bit to do with greed I had personally witnessed in the corporate world.

So, after all of those realizations this morning, I thought, “I wonder what would happen if I started saying that I cared about it, but in a healthy, balanced way?” and “What if I replaced the word money with words like prosperity, wealth and abundance?” I bet with these small changes in my language, my whole perspective would change. I bet a lot of things would change (guess what, it’s already working). Oh, another realization, even if I live abundantly, that doesn’t mean I need to have a lot of things (which, I don’t want … and that is TRUE). O.k. I got this.

I trust that I am not alone in this, so this week, as I continue to expose this topic, I am going to talk/share things about money, (um, I mean prosperity, wealth and abundance) and career, about doing things for meaning vs. money, and how you can do both. Let’s also talk about companies that are not just looking at profits, but people, and the environment (yes, you can still make money if you look beyond the bottom line and bonus, you will probably feel better about yourself too). I invite you to join me and encourage you to share your own thoughts on these topics.

Here are a couple of Gabrielle Berstein’s articles via Positively Positive to get us started:


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