It illustrates how “alive” a human can be.

“It’s impossible, that’s sure. So let’s start working.” -Philippe Petit

I am sticking to my documentary recommendation theme this week, but instead of a film about food, I would like to recommend one about tight rope walking. Yes, people walking on tight ropes (I need a break from talking about food since I am not ready to start talking about the homegrown wheatgrass and sprouts that I am now eating on a daily basis thanks to Netflix … we’ll get to that another day).

When someone told me I had to watch a movie about a tight rope walker, I was already bored while they were telling me about it. But honestly, you should watch this movie. It illustrates how “alive” a human can be when they are determined and focused (in this case, beyond focused) and supported by people who love them, while working towards something simply impossible (oh, and illegal … but it’s cool). It truly is a beautiful thing.

I promise you will be inspired.

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