If you have given this job to anyone other than yourself, they should be fired.

Well, I recently got Netflix and since then, I have basically watched a ton of documentaries, particularly one’s about what we put into our bodies.

Like I said before, I am obviously not a doctor, and I certainly don’t want to be one of those people who preaches about how great I am that I am vegan (which I am not, at least, not yet). However, like everything, it really comes down to simplicity … oh, and educating yourself about what is truly good for you, and what truly is not. Problem is, the “whole story” about the truths of food and our bodies is not always readily available for us.

I am totally against scare tactics to promote change, but I do believe in education. I also know that reminders (or maybe a little new information) are always good when it comes to our health. With that in mind, I recommend checking out these documentaries below (there are so many others, but these cover some good stuff).

It’s funny, more often than not, when you start a discussion regarding certain truths about food, a common answer is “I don’t want to know.” O.k. fair enough, maybe you don’t want to watch these (and I get that), but if anything, this recommendation is simply to remind you that there is information out there that is very different from what many of us have been exposed to. Like anything, you can obviously completely disregard the information provided in these films, but something tells me, you won’t. (and I hope that’s the case).

They just may invite you to take more responsibility for your own health. By the way, when did we start thinking this was anyone else’s job anyway? … And if you have given this job to anyone other than yourself, you will soon realize, they should be fired.

P.s. If you learn something from these films, please don’t forget to share! Enjoy.

Food Matters (2008)

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (2010) (Click to Watch full movie on Hulu)

Forks over Knives (2010) – Friendly Advice: Go enjoy a burger before you watch Forks over Knives (it may be your last). 

“Our health and happiness should always come first; because when our cups are overflowing we have more good stuff to offer others.”—Jess Ainscough (via positivelypositive.com)

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