Life Lesson #45: Don’t think too much.

My friends and I went climbing yesterday.  After our climb, we were talking about how interesting it is that all of your walls come down when you face fear. You are pretty raw, and fear can throw all of your positivity out the window. Here’s a quick little reinforcement of a life lesson for me that happened during my climb: Don’t think too much (especially when you are on the side of a rock). 

Photo #1: Not really thinking about much except each step and how beautiful it was (I think I am actually smiling).
Photo #2: Here's when I started over-thinking (and cursing a bit) ... and guess what happened, I wanted to come down. I was done, and didn't think I could go any further. And even though I am a positive, goal orientated person, for 2-minutes, fear completely took over and going any further literally seemed impossible (and I was over it) ... "I WANT TO COME DOWN."

So, what happened? As soon as I shut up and got out of my head, I was able to take a couple deep breathes (and actually tune into the encouraging words from my friends below) … And what seemed like an impossibility (seriously, not going to happen) just 4-minutes before, wasn’t anymore, and I thankfully made it to the top. Next time, less thinking, more climbing… Which is obviously easy to say today when I am on my computer in my comfortable house and not on the side of a rock. … but hopefully I will think back to this post and simply shut up. ;)

“It always seems impossible until its done.” - Nelson Mandela (very true).

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