No coffee, no judgment and a daily shot of wheatgrass is the path to enlightenment?

I was happy to see this little reminder from the Dalai Lama this morning as different paths and judgment are topics that come up in both my professional and personal life pretty often.

Speaking from experience, when someone is on a completely different path from us in life, we sometimes judge them for not doing things our way. Why? Well, because that means we may have to question ourselves, “well wait, is my way right?” 

Hopefully the answer to your own inquiry of this question is, “Absolutely, this is right … for me.” And when it is, remember, you don’t have to add further validation to “your way” by discounting the alternative paths those around us are taking (Yes, I have done this before – that ugly judgement thing – and it doesn’t make you feel very good). 

I try to do this everyday, but today, I am going to seriously practice not judging (even the little unnecessary judgments of a random person you see at Target/crossing the street/of the person in the car next to you) and see what happens. Just like I knew my workout would make feel good yesterday, I have a feeling this will feel pretty good too.

Who knows, maybe no coffee, no judgement and a daily shot of wheatgrass is the path to enlightenment. Let’s see.

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One thought on “No coffee, no judgment and a daily shot of wheatgrass is the path to enlightenment?

  1. Nice post. Not judging does feel good. It shows compassion. Caring about others’ feelings by not comparing them to ourselves and giving them the benefit of the doubt, is a compassionate way of respecting ourselves and everyone around us.

    Did you know that the Dali Lama is in San Diego today? (The 14th Dalai Lama will make the last of three local appearances Thursday when he gives a lecture at San Diego State University about upholding ethics and compassion in challenging times.)

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