Men vs. Women … can we be done with this?

Photo: whereisthecool

Yes, throughout time, women have been, and continue to be oppressed throughout the world. Becoming educated about the world, bringing attention to those oppressed, yes, please do that. Supporting causes that help women throughout the world that are the victims of abuse, sexual exploitation, yes, do that too. Complaining about men and continuing a war between the sexes, can we please be done with this? 

In modern-day America, yes, there are guys that have that lingering sense of male domination that has been there throughout history … But, just because you allow a guy, to say, possibly come over your house that texts you at 2am in the morning, not call you for a week, then do the same thing next Saturday … guess what, going to dinner with your girlfriends to complain about him and the male species isn’t going to get you anywhere, and it’s certainly not going to change the world. As long as you, or we, as a collective, allow certain behaviors, we really can’t complain about anyone but ourselves … and as you may know, for certain, yourself is the only thing that you have control over.

So, rather than complain about what has happened to women throughout history, or even to you or one of your friends last weekend and continue to talk in terms of men vs. women, instead, let’s embrace our differences, and more importantly, our similarities. If we are still unhappy with the way we are being treated by men (or anyone for that matter), simply teach them how to treat us better, (again collectively), simply by changing ourselves, expecting more from ourselves, and for the love of God, not by creating more conflict.

As this article below mentions, “As personal growth is an individual journey, remaining in the role of the victim or pretending that change is occurring outside of oneself, does not represent any progress … To speak of female empowerment is nothing more than speaking of a collective awakening to a life of expanded consciousness. To expand our consciousness is nothing more than learning to see our fears, limitations, disagreements and conflicts by embracing a life in unity.” … great point. Enjoy this article.

Recommended Reading: The Internal Awakening of Women by Juan Manuel via Elephant Journal

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