Do Over! Why January 1st is more powerful than we think.


Check out Do Over! Why January 1st is more powerful than we think – By Traci Wallace on Elephant Journal published December 12, 2012.

Remember when you were a kid. When you did something that you instantly knew you could do better (kick a ball in a kickball game, do a cartwheel, dive into a pool), you would instantly say, “Do-over!”

Sometimes your friends, (if they were cool), would accept this and let you do it again, and sometimes they wouldn’t (and chances are, you are not friends with those people on Facebook).

How cool is it that as adults we have the same thing? It’s called a New Year’s Resolution. There is a magical day every year, January 1st, that we can say, ok, starting today, things are going to be better… relationships, career, health, we can be as creative as we want with the changes we want to make in our life, and it can be anything. “Do-over!”

Think back again to when you were a kid and your friends offered you a do-over. Did you ever waste that opportunity? Chances are, no way. So, why waste it now. Take advantage of this opportunity to make some real resolutions this year, and better yet, actually achieve them.

We say enough things in life without realizing the actual meaning behind it, so let’s not just say Happy New Year this year. Let’s actually mean it.  

 In 2012, I will … 

Click here for ideas to get you started.

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