“When you finish the little things and celebration feels better, this cycle, will be life changing.”

110% Effort

By Amber Soukup

It’s funny how you can finish a great bottle of wine with 110% effort … hell you’ll even take the extra shot of tequila even with 110% effort behind it, even if you don’t really want it. But how often do you come up a little short in the simple things throughout your day that really matter?

I am not judging, I get it, I intend to finish what I start too, and most of the time I do … I will take the last bite of chocolate cake every time.

Think about all the little things in life that seem insignificant on a daily basis … running, exercise, diet, calling a family member, leaving a note, telling a friend/loved one that you care. These tiny decisions matter a lot in the scheme of things.

Bottom line, it really is the little decisions that end up changing your life.  If you went on that run/walk three times this week, and passed up the muffin twice this week, it all adds up.  Try this. Wake up and tell your girlfriend/wife she is beautiful (or do the same for your boyfriend/husband). Trust me it will make your life better!

So next time you are having a pity party, remember YOU made the small choices in life to get you right where you are. Don’t like this? Change it. How? Keep reading …

This week, try to finish the things you started (and with 110% effort). Start small, write it out, and put it into action. Run, finish your workout strong and at the end of the week celebrate. Why? Because you should.

I’m telling you this because, when you finish the little things and celebration feels better, this cycle, my friend, will be life changing.

By this time next week things could be very different. It’s your choice.

Amber Soukup

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