Amazing yoga teacher, stand-up-paddle-board-yogi, world traveler, who happens to love Chali 2na as much as I do … changing the world for the better one day at a time … Jenn!

You know those moments in life that just make sense and everything that happens, the people you meet, the discussions, where you are, all of it … is exactly as it should be. That was Bali for me (and if you have ever been there, I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me the same thing about your time there).

We all have our “party friends“, our “work friends“, our “friends from high school“, “friends of friends, friends“, our “dear friends that no matter what you do, will always be there (thank God)” … and there are friends that you meet when you go to a place to experience yourself, to change your life, to become better, to create … even if you didn’t know you were going there to do any of these things … and when this happens, there is an instant bond that is created, one of authentic friendship, support and love.

I seriously cannot imagine meeting any other people during that particular time in my life when I was in Bali, than the one’s I did. They are amazing.

Meet Jenn!

To sum it up, the best way to describe my friendship with Jenn, well, we literally talk daily (sometimes twice … or three times). Best way to describe Jenn … ALIVE!  

She is one of the most positive people I have ever met, inspiring, honest, motivated (& motivating!), and her yoga classes will kick your ass (in a very blissful way) … and bonus, you get to listen to some awesome music in the process.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jenn Perell!

Yoga is as Yoga Does

By Jenn Perrell via

So there is this really old, really sacred and spiritual practice called yoga. And then all these people start practicing it and changing it, blending it, renaming it and calling it their own. People don’t learn it from their gurus anymore – they can watch a clip on TV or catch a class at the gym. There is an entire industry built around this ancient practice. A marketplace to purchase bliss? Some people think this is a load of cow dung, (calling stretching and sweating yoga) and some people just love it.

I figure: To each his own! Don’t give up faith if you are using your yoga to attain enlightenment. Don’t worry if you don’t know what enlightenment means. One of the many beauties of yoga is the inquiry it opens up! How could anyone serious about this path hold it against any one else who doesn’t share the same ideas as them? Who is to judge if someone else feels some benefit from yoga but maybe isn’t on a spiritual path [yet]? Who cares if people make products and buy products that enhance their practice? If you love Lululemon for their smooth lycra and reversible outfits, more power to you! And if you prefer to wear a loin cloth for it’s snug tuck, amen! One of the things I love about yoga is that it meets you where you’re at. I just returned from Wanderlust (an epic 4-day yoga throw down) in Squaw Valley. The  variety of people this throw down brought together was extremely diverse and entertaining (to say the least)! Lake Tahoe was vibrating this weekend, people! However yoga is unfolding in the United States today, yogis are a positive bunch with a lot of love to give. Check out this little clip from the weekend:

I returned from Wanderlust inspired and a little clearer on where I am on my path. While I do see my practice as part of my own personal spiritual practice, I also love to have FUN with it. This morning I blended yoga with one of my other loves: Surfing. Seriously? I’ve practiced plenty of different styles of yoga. Some traditional and some decidedly not so. They have yoga for pets these days! Naked yoga. Yoga where you hang from the ceiling. One of my very favorites is AcroYoga where you partner with someone for acrobatics, Thai massage, and yoga… I had a day tandem surfing just a month ago that gave me a taste of blending Acro with Surfing when I went tandem surfing with Bear Woznick:

Blending the things you love rocks. This morning, I got something new! SUP Yoga in Sausalito. Stand-Up-Paddle-Boarding-Yoga. A new way for me to get out on the water. A new way to practice yoga. A new way to find balance. A new way to find bliss… How are you following your bliss? Check out mine this morning. Good times.

Live. Laugh. Love. Jenn is a yoga instructor and life coach pursuing a master’s degree in Holistic Health Education. She is currently being showered with a wealth of knowledge and loves to share.

Visit Jenn @ – Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Well Being.

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