How to Be Comfortable Being Comfortable

It’s officially been three months since I have been back living in the U.S. and just like the magical first three months of living abroad is often called the “honeymoon period” for expats (followed by a severe case of Culture Shock for the next few months which starts on the day you realize you can’t find your return trip ticket home) … I can also say that my honeymoon period back in the U.S. seems to be coming to an end … but this time, ironically, it started on the day (which happened to be Monday) that I realized I DON’T have a ticket back to some foreign land.

Obviously, I had my eyes (abruptly) opened to many new things over the past (almost) two years … met amazing people … learned about things I never knew existed … learned about things I never knew existed in myself … most days have been an adventure, and all I had to do was wake up in the morning and step outside the door of wherever I was. Yes, it took some time to feel comfortable perpetually living outside of my comfort zone, but now I realize, that may have become my favorite place to live.

When I first got home to California, I was seriously overwhelmed by the beauty, was ultra aware of my surroundings and impressed by the organization of it all. I mean, it’s simply a breathtaking place to experience everyday, and in contrast to where I was living, it was difficult to wrap my head around the fact that Delhi & Encinitas were on the same planet. Ecstatic to be here, yes! … but definitely not comfortable.

So Monday morning something happened. I felt a feeling that I haven’t in a long time … comfort … not in an ungrateful way, but in an “o.k. I haven’t felt THIS in a long time” kind of way, which was followed by “what’s next!?”.

After much thought on this subject, I have decided to resist my urge to jump on a plane (at least not today), embrace the fact that I do have the ability to create my own adventures that cause a little welcomed discomfort every now and then (since I can’t count on Mother India to help me out in that area here) and continue to re-learn & appreciate how to be comfortable being comfortable … this may be one of my biggest challenges yet! 

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