I heart NY!

This has been such a great trip home …  let me tell you why.

For one, I got to experience the beginning of spring for the first time in a LONG time!  When I arrived, there were no leaves on the trees and now the trees are green, flowers are out and it’s been sunny & beautiful everyday!   I got to eat a ton of yummy pizza (however, I could have gone without the 1/2 pizza I put down in NYC… it was too good!)

future exercise.

I also got to stay up all night with my Uncle and friends watching the Royal Wedding drinking champagne (so fun!), reconnect with old roommates, which was awesome (Keersa!), spend time with so many friends and their little ones (that are all sooo- happy and doing great! I love that!), spent quality time with my Mom (and got to be here for her on Mother’s Day!).  I was able to see extended family (and learn that my cousin Jordyn wants to take after me and get married in her 30’s. lol.)  Poppy! the Bitzer’s and cousins Courtney and Ali … realizing we are more alike than ever … slightly scary, in the best way (and what was supposed to be dinner turned into a weekend!).  Family dinners at the dining room table almost every night (My mom is the best cook! … Garth’s not bad either!)  and best of all, my brother and the love of his life Jessica got back together during my time here (such a good story!) and surprised my mom with the news by bringing Jess to brunch on Mother’s Day!  My Mom, entire family (& neighborhood), and me of course, couldn’t be happier! (Did my blog just break CM News to the masses?)

and bonus, my brother and I were able to make up for all of the brother/sister fighting that we missed out on over the years in just 3 short weeks… and I loved every second of it!  Love you all and I will be back soon!