Friends who inspire me!

What’s better than having a bunch of amazing friends in your life that are not only doing incredible things in their lives but are also there to support you in creating and growing every day? I can’t think of many things.

After I received an email from my friend Tingting this morning about her recent trip to clean-up Everest Base Camp, I then thought about all of my daily discussions with Jenn (Live Weal), about how we can live the best lives possible (work, helping others, surfing, music & cute boys! lol. hey, that stuff is important too!) my daily discussions with amazingly talented Liz, as she is helping me with my own business (who created Liz LaBianca Photography 6 months ago and is now so busy she is booked everyday! … and raising two beautiful children!) my friend Aimee that recently founded The No-Stress Foundation that I start training to help support within a few weeks (So excited!!!), talks with my dear friend Taylor (Inner Peace Pilates) as we share our successes, struggles and brainstorm ideas, Rachaell who is just a big love, who just left her job to pursue an even more incredible life than she already has (and is so much fun to have in your life!), Jamie, my angel in Delhi, who is a perfect reminder of what a good friend is, Jenn (my recent Thailand travel partner!) who recently moved to India with her love, that is now going to soon begin medical missionary work in India (and getting married soon! Yay!)  My girls from UCSB; Kirt, Ali, Shauna and Karin, who near or far, simply inspire me by being who they are! My cousins Courtney & Ally who I couldn’t love more!! My dear friend (and sister; practically) Amber who motivates in her drive for success and enthusiasm in everything she does, and Casey who inspires me on her quest to live the happiest and healthiest life possible and is bringing that vision to the world.

There are many people in life that inspire me, but today I wanted to send a special thank you to all of these women who I have spent time with over the last few months that I feel so much gratitude for having in my life, who inspire me to grow, create, inspire, and love every day!

Thank you and much love to you!

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3 thoughts on “Friends who inspire me!

  1. Love this blog! Your travels and stories are an inspiration, and I agree; after reading Tingting’s email, I am looking at myself. Love how we can inspire each other just with these words when we are so far apart!!

  2. Hi Wanda! Thanks for reading and I am so happy you enjoy it! Isn’t it cool how connected we are all even though we are all over the world! I am very confident it will stay this way! Enjoy your day! Love, Traci

  3. Traci- thank you for YOUR inspiration!! I can’t tell you how many times I thought of you in your latest venture and felt your strength from so far away! I’m so excited for your new chapter and look forward to fun, happy times ahead!! xox

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