“I want to be glowy like that!”

One day in late December 2010 I was in Delhi and decided within 24-hours that I was going to Bali for a holiday, that I needed a break from working 7-days a week, wearing business casual clothes, from being envious when I would see backpackers on their travels in India or hearing about people who were volunteering or doing something cool to help the world. I would look down at the Banana Republic clothes I was wearing and wish I could trade them in for some yoga pants, a comfy shirt, and a headband (especially on the days when I was sweating my ass off in 120 degree weather!).   I liked what I was doing, but there was more for me and it would constantly call to me. I, like many people in the world felt like I wanted more purpose; I wanted to do something more. I thought back to the happiest day I could remember, and it was when I was teaching the children from the village at the Happy School in Gurgaon “Didi, are you a good dancer?” (Check out my Teaching! post if you want to read about that and info on how you can volunteer in India)… and how I wished I could do that full-time. There is an amazing happiness that comes from giving back to the world around you …  and in India where there is so much need all around you, it was calling to me and it wouldn’t be quiet.

When I was in Bali during my trip in December (which you may remember reading about if you have been reading my blog) I arrived at the Yoga Barn on my 2nd night there and saw that they were premiering “The Happy Movie”; I asked what it was and the girl behind the desk said it was a documentary about the happiest people in the world. O.k. sounds good. I arrived at the movie and there were about 150 people already there, I thought, “why the hell do I keep putting myself in these uncomfortable situations”, and I laughed at myself (as I often do during my travels). Everyone had that Ubud, Bali enlightened, yoga, raw food glow, casually sitting on pillows throughout the top floor of the Yoga Barn studio (just to give you an idea about Ubud if you haven’t been there, my friend Rachelle recently said, “Disney World isn’t the happiest place on Earth, Ubud is!”). As I uncomfortably walked over people, a bit envious of everyone’s “glow”, thinking to myself “I want to be glowy like that!”, as I almost stepped on about 5 people, (“omg, I am stepping on the glowy people!”) until I found a little free 1×3 foot part of the floor. I sat down and thankfully made a kind new friend in about 30 seconds who gave me one of his pillows to sit on. One of the producers of the movie was there, and he mentioned that he was thinking about moving to Ubud in the new year (hello! see what I mean, the guy who made “The Happy Movie” is moving to Ubud!) At the end of the movie I decided that things in my life were going to change, they would be different. I didn’t know how or what I was going to do, but I was going to find a new happiness and I had no doubt about this new adventure.

New doors are always good! (@ Soulshine by J. Perrell)

Fast forward to March 2011 … I was back in Ubud, Bali last week attending my Yoga Life Coaching Training/Retreat with Debbie Williamson at the amazingly relaxing Soulshine, a yoga retreat created by Carla Swanson and Michael Franti, (fyi- I have been talking about becoming a Life Coach for about 10 years now… and if you just thought to yourself, “what the hell is Yoga Life Coaching?” don’t worry my website will be up within a week to tell you all about it!). On the first night of the retreat we went through the schedule of events for the week and they announced that one of the nights we were going to the Yoga Barn to see a movie together.

… Long story short (or actually long, as most of my stories end up being), exactly 3 months later from my original trip to Bali, I was sitting at the Yoga Barn, watching “The Happy Movie” again, the producer of the movie was back at the Yoga Barn and announced he was now living in Ubud, I was wearing yoga pants, a comfy shirt, and a headband and I was in the process of becoming a Personal & Yoga Life Coach (something I have been wanting to do for 10 years), with our group of 17 incredible yogi’s and new friends … and guess what … we were all glowing! …  and bonus, someone just told me I still am. (… that may be because I have been laying in the sun and swimming in the ocean for the last 5 days in Thailand, but I will take it!)

P.s. I know “glowy” is not a real word, but I like it!

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