“Back out here”

After getting everything wrapped up in India last week, I went back to Carlsbad/Encinitas, California for a few days to bring all of my stuff back (all 4 bags of it), get a computer, wash everything, (and spray it with Frebreeze!! – side note, why isn’t Frebreeze selling this stuff in India!? It’s magic!) get a Go Phone from At&t (great idea that my friend gave me; get a U.S. phone number but don’t get wrapped up in all of the contracts right away; just $19.99 and pay as you go. Brilliant.) and most importantly get re-acquainted (briefly) with the place I used to call home.

After a brief dose of my old reality while spending a few days in Encinitas, I am now I am sitting in the International Terminal at LAX on my way to Bali to do some yoga … yes, Bali again, I kind of love it here.

Traveling home, then back to Asia is a lot traveling (2- BKK/LAX trips in less than a week is kind of brutal), but, it’s actually the perfect way to go when you are planning on basically starting a new chapter of your life and re-entering the U.S… Baby Steps worked for me in India right?!  You get to go home (i.e. feel a “comfortableness” that you haven’t felt in a while, while knowing you are going to leave soon so you don’t have that reverse-culture shock freakout that everyone is warning me about that apparently is supposed to be worse than the when you move abroad. awesome.), wrap up one chapter of your life (i.e. India) start the process of living in the U.S. again (phone, computer, network a bit, etc), get the essentials of life with ease (i.e. Bumble and Bumble conditioner, Lulu Lemon stuff; btw, you have to get the Lulu Lemon Savasana Wrap.  I can’t imagine a better article of clothing to bring traveling!), get re-energized by spending time with friends, then go to a place (i.e. Bali … and maybe Thailand) where you can focus and get organized on what you want to do next (i.e. take a break from the corporate world and brainstrom ideas for my own thing).

It’s so funny because, although it was super comfortable to be in Encinitas be able to drive, be around friends and know where everything is and how to get it, I felt this crazy sense of comfort when I entered the airport …. “Ahhhh, back out here.”… Much better.


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