Happy Running!

I can pretty much correlate the happiest times in my life to times when I was running a lot. Yes, there are many other factors, but running is always there.  Think about it, you may be able to do the same thing.  Think about movies too … the character starts the movie with some issues, is unhappy, then when they do the montage of the character on their way to happiness, it almost always includes running. Plus, look at a dog when they are just sitting there … now think about them running… is there any happier creature happier than a dog when it’s running? …. wait, don’t answer that! lol.  

Anyway, this is not about “being skinny”, it’s about feeling good.  That obviously comes from running and being healthy, but also, I believe a big part of it is the time you give to yourself to think about life, focus, and ultimately start the process of creating the things you want … simply by taking time out to figure it out.

When I first moved to India it was really hard for me to find any place to run, other than treadmills, which I can’t express how much I dislike! (Plus treadmills are dangerous in India; I have narrowly escaped serious injury several times when I was running on full speed and the electricity went out!) In Gurgaon, there is literally no place to run outside; the air is too polluted, it’s not safe for me to be running alone, plus, I would surely be run over by a car or some sort of livestock if I did … however, I must say there are much fewer animals, about 75% less, on the roads since I first arrived.  They herded them all up about a week prior to the Commonwealth Games and they are just slowly making their way back. I actually got used to them and am glad to see them back. The baby pigs are my favorite … even my driver knows this, points them out when he sees them and laughs.

Anyway, I was thinking about this subject yesterday when I was running in a park in Delhi. How the place that I have found to run in each city I lived has been such a special part of my life, and is one of the things I miss most when I move … how the park in Delhi will be no exception to this.  Then I felt super lucky thinking about all of my past runs … Center Moriches, NY: Down Ocean Avenue, over the bridge on Red Bridge and up to Webbies Beach; Santa Barbara, CA: From Bath Street down to State then down Cabrillo/Then from La Mesa, over the green bridge in the woods, down Shoreline Park to Butterfly Beach (on a good day!); Carlsbad, CA: From Cherry Street down the 101 up to the hill to the Camp Grounds; Encinitas, CA: From Moonlight Beach to the restaurants in Cardiff (my favorite run! Quite possibly one of the best in the world!).

I can remember which songs I used to run to on each of these runs, what was going on in my life during that time, and how I would think about what I would want next and I have to say, do my best to manifest whatever that was … however, I don’t recall “I really want to live in India” ever popping in there! Woops. I also thought about how my favorite days out running are the one’s when I have just added new music to my iPod. There is something so motivating about new music!!

My run now, as you can imagine, is quite different from running next to the Pacific Ocean, but beautifully different.   There are tombs and temples throughout the run, little children from the neighboring schools in their uniforms that say hello & wave to me as I pass them (it’s very cute), older people on their daily walks (75% traditional clothes/25% in western workout gear), tourists from all over the world with cameras around their necks, young teenagers behind trees and on park benches sneaking some affection from each other that is not acceptable outside of the lining of the trees of this park (or within the park for that matter!), beautiful colorful birds, and yesterday I saw a very large monkey!

True, the air is not quite like the air next to the Pacific Ocean, and sure, I break out every once in a while from some sort of weird reaction after I run (lol), but I still love it!  (BTW-Weird rashes on my arms is just something I have come to live with these days … people ask me what it is … I say “India”.  My mind has become acclimated to India, my body on the other hand is still working out its issues.  I must say, I can now drink “filtered water” and not bottled with no issues …”touch wood!”).

When I think about where I will live next, a lot of the time I think about where I could picture myself running … Central Park? Back next to the Pacific? (North or South) … or up in the mountains somewhere.  Who knows, but for now, I will enjoy my runs in the parks in India, with my Bollywood music/Glee Songs/Black Eyed Peas/Kings of Leon playlist, enjoy where I am, and do my best to imagine myself someplace beautiful to run next!

Happy Running!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Running!

  1. Great post, glad I came across this. I too can describe my life in regards to the running I was (or wasn’t…) doing at that time. Enjoy India, it sounds like a great adventure!

  2. Great post, I’m the same way. Whenever I travel I have to get out for a run, best way to see a new place in my opinion. Vampire Weekend and Phoenix are two of my favorites to run to.

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