Incredible India


As I mentioned before, a bad day in India can be completely overwhelming (of course, a bad day anywhere is not fun) but bad days have a life of their own here, and if you give in to the negativity, it just takes you down (beyond down) and it requires you to dig pretty deep to cope. Those of you who have ever lived here, or visited I am sure can relate to this.

There are just so many conflicts & obstacles throughout the day – it can be exhausting! … But, the most beautiful thing about India, and this keeps happening to be time and time again, is just as you reach that point that you really can’t do it anymore and can’t imagine staying another minute – something beautiful happens -  and India brings you back in.

Although I am not going to write all of the details of this particular day I am referring to, let’s just say that at one of my of my most difficult moments in India so far (maybe even my life!), I met a new friend, Laxmi, who came into my life at the absolute perfect moment, for a brief moment … and even though, we weren’t really able to communicate all that well because of our language barrier, and there is no way for me to get in touch with her again, I will never forget her, that day, or the amazing power and beauty of India.

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