Playing Holi

Holi 2009

What’s funny, is I asked a bunch of people what Holi was and no one could explain it; they would just look at me and laugh … and now I get why. Words can’t really describe it. This is one thing you should definetly experience in your life. One of my top 5 “funnest” days for sure! If you are ever planning on coming to India, you can’t miss this! Happy Holi!

How to get the Holi Colors out of Your Hair … My advice, don’t even try to cover up your hair, it may work for a bit, but it’s kind of hopeless. Also, don’t say “no, don’t get me” … that just makes things worse for you. My hair was pink and green for over a week!  Click Here for some tips on how to prevent the colors from staining, and if they do, how to get them out. But I have to admit, once the pink finally washed out completely, I kind of missed it.

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