"All she talks about is India!"

I am moving in less than a week and I haven’t been able to quite get my head around that yet. I think I have been talking about this move so much that I am just ready to get there (historically I do not do well in limbo; i.e. the time between when you give your two weeks notice and your actual last day or the time between when you break up and when you really break up). I just don’t want to be the girl that only talks about India…that could get annoying… “whoops, too late” my friends say to themselves as they read this.

Seriously though, this past two months have been such an amazing learning experience, about myself, about my friends, about how judgmental and about how open and supportive people can be. When you do anything that is a little bit different than what everyone else does, it’s so interesting the reactions you get from people (even when you don’t ask!). I am just so very thankful to have such amazing, supportive and open-minded friends/family that have asked the right questions of me but have been so incredibly supportive of this move. My advice to anyone that is thinking about doing something different with your life (for however long), just do what feels right to you. Believe me, it’s difficult and slightly scary (o.k. a lot scary), but it does feel really good!

 … So, tonight I will listen to the waves from my room and enjoy every second of it and know that although I am so excited about all of this, in about three weeks from now I will remember the comfort I am feeling right now at this moment, and the sound of the waves and cry … and then laugh and think, “how the hell am I in India!?”

Swamis, Encinitas
101, Encinitas
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2 thoughts on “"All she talks about is India!"

  1. And then, you'll take a small flight to Sri Lanka… Or better yet the Maldives.. and you'll laugh…and say "why did i ever cry about Encinitas" Love you!!!!K

  2. I already miss you girl. Hope your flight was good, and you have a blast at the launch event. Looking forward to living vicariously through all your adventures.

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